From the object of mockery – to Victoria’s Secret angel: Who is the model with the patches of skin?

From the object of mockery – to Victoria’s Secret angel: Who is the model with the patches of skin?

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Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand has published the list of new angels – and the one who got wings is the model and Winnie Harlow, whose trademark is the skin disease she suffers from. So the girl who was the victim of bullying became one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

It’s all her year. We do not have a way to explain this, but somehow Winnie Harlow (born 24-year-old Chantal Brown Young) has been around everywhere. No show in fashion weeks in the world is not complete without it, she captures desirable goals and starring in many campaigns and photographs.

But the most significant step of the model was the announcement by the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand that it was expected to march on its annual show this November in New York. Harlow is expected to get wings and become angelic, and knows every model that has no more prestigious route than Victoria’s Secret.

You can not ignore the gimmick. Harlow may be stunning in its beauty, but what makes it different and different from the other models in the industry is its weak point – the skin disease it suffers from. This is a disease called vitiligo. This is an autoimmune disease in which the skin loses color and becomes brighter. Vitiligo is not a dangerous or contagious disease, but very visible.

Harlow was born in Toronto, Canada, and was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of four, when for the first time bright spots appeared on her skin. What now became her trademark, the kind that makes Victoria’s Secret thrills pursue her, was ridiculed in childhood. In various interviews she gave in the media, she said that in childhood she was called “Zebra” and “Pera,” and that she often went through school because of bullying. The climax – she even considered killing herself.

But since then, things have changed. In 2014 she broke into the world of modeling when she reached the final of the 21st season of the next TopModal reality show under the direction of Tyra Banks. She may not have won, but immediately after she began modeling for reputed brands, being photographed for leading magazines around the world and participating in fashion week shows. In her resume you can find campaigns for Diesel, Swarovski, Dizengoff and others, and fashion productions for Glamor, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, El, Gracia, Harper’s Bazaar and more.

“When it was my turn, I put on a black set of Victoria’s Secret and went outside and said I was honored to have this opportunity – and then I went out for my life walk”. She has recently learned that she is expected to join Victoria’s Secret’s coveted team, which makes her a model. “When I got to the Victoria’s Secret building, I asked the driver to circle the building several times before I could get in,” she repeated the audition day in her post to Instagram. “When it was my turn, I put on a black set of Victoria’s Secret and went out, I talked about Jamaica, about the photographer Nick Kennett, about my abs, and added that it was an honor for me to win this opportunity,

In the same post she also shared a video of her receiving the gospel in which she cries with joy. “I can not believe this is happening,” she wrote, adding: “Thanks to my mother who prayed for me, thank you to the fans who pushed me forward, I’m going to walk on the Victoria’s Secret track.”

Harlow gave an exclusive interview to Vogue about her choice to be part of Victoria’s Secret angels, knowing that the obvious cause of her casting was her illness. “Why is there a stigma about people who are ill?” She said in an interview.

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